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Clash Royale



Clash Royale


All teams are required to have five (5) players and can have up to eight (8) in their roster.   All players must be at least in Ninth grade. 

Team Lineups (Districts are allowed to field a max of two teams)

Match lineup will consist of five (5) players and one substitute.

Coaches must post the team lineup to the discussion page at least two hours prior to the start of the match.   The roster must state the five (5) players and their ranking (1-5).


Clan for the Match

All matches will be in a clan called OeSL. Players must be inside the clan and should not leave it until the end of the match.

Scheduled Match Time

Players must be available 30 minutes before the official start time of the match with all necessary patches applied and the game ready to play.   Any delays that extend past 5 minutes of the match start time will result in a forfeiture. 

Newly Released Cards

Newly released cards will not be allowed in game play till the card has been generally available to the public for at least 10 days.  

Game Account

The game account must match the game account provided when the player was registered. Names must not contain profanity or be offensive. LVP will notify the team if a name is not acceptable and will need to be changed.

The game account of the player should remain the same for the entire competition. If a player wants to change it, must notify LVP for approval. Failure to follow these rules could result in sanctions against the team or the player.

Prohibited Cards

Prior to the start of each round, the coach from each side may declare one prohibited card.  Coaches must declare the prohibited card no less than five minutes before the start of the round.   Any failure to notify the referee within stated time period will result in no prohibited cards for that team in that round.  All prohibitive cards are for removed from play for both teams. 

OeSL may ban certain cards from game play and will notify each coach prior to any match. 

Using a prohibited card

Playing a banned card will result in the loss of the current match for 3 crowns to 0. Carrying a banned card in the deck but not playing this card throughout the game will not result in any penalty.

Losing Connectivity

Each player must ensure there is a stable internet connection as a rematch will not be granted for any disconnection.


Each match will consist of a best-of-three game match.

Coaches must post to the clan discussion board the individual score for each match and the total number of crowns earned.  

Game Tie

If a game ends in a tie, the player that caused the most damage on the opponents tower will be decared the winner. 

Identity check

Any opposing coach may request a voice identify check to verify identity of any player.  Coach of the player must provide assurance the identity is accurate. 


Only OeSL officials are allowed to stream game play.  Players and coaches are not allowed to perform a stream of any game.