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Madden 2020

Madden 20



Game Type: Head to Head (Play a Friend)

Fatigue: On

Injuries: On

Even Teams: Off

Quarter Length: 6 Minutes

Game Skill: All Madden

Game Style:  Competitive

Game Speed: Normal

Accelerated Clock: 20 Seconds

Weather: On


Match Length: All Matches will be Best of 3 Games.

Scoring:  One point will be given for each victory.   Coaches should also record Points scored and points allowed.  
Warm-up: No warm-up or practice Games are permitted. 

Delays: Teams may not delay the start of a Match beyond its scheduled start time, without the approval of a OeSL Official. Teams may delay a Match between Games for up to five minutes. After five minutes of a delay, if the delaying Team does not have the minimum required Players, they will Forfeit the Match.
Minimum Required Players: Teams must have all players present in order to start a game. A Team will Forfeit the Match if they are missing a one player by 15 minutes after a Match’s default start time (Grace Period). 
Playbooks: Custom playbooks are not permitted to be used for any tournament match.