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eSports League FAQ

General Information

Events are held remotely with exception of the playoffs.   The 2019-2020 playoffs will be held at the Union Multi-Purpose Activity Center at Union Public Schools in April of 2020. 

9th through 12th grade only. Every student must meet eligibility requirements the same as any competitive event.

PC for those that can, Switch for Super Smash Brothers, Xbox 1X for Madden and Rocket League, and iOS for Clash Royale.

Depending on participation levels, each school District will be able to sponsor at least one team for each game.  The final schedule will be posted September 27.  The final number of teams will depend on school participation, length of time for game play, and hardware requirements, 

Yes. When the season starts, each “Match” will be a qualifying event. At the end of the season, the top teams in each game will compete at the grand champions to determine state champion per team and overall school state champion. The final number of teams that qualify for the playoffs will depend on the number of schools and number of teams participating.  

You must have a school team to join. We are not allwoing individuals to participate at this time.