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School Participation Requirements

All schools must meet the following requirements in order to participate in the Oklahoma eSports League (OESL):

  • High schools serving grades 9-12 recognized by the Oklahoma State Board of Education.
  • Teams must have sponsorship from an employee of the district acting as a Coach and a school level administrator supporting the program.
  • Teams must ensure all team members have read and agree to the  Code of Conduct.
  • If a school wishes to host matches, then the school must agree to these terms: 
    • Ensure all computers have been reloaded prior to the match and all software and games have been updated. 
    • Ensure all console games have been updated at least 24 hours prior to the match. 
    • Provide accessible computers that meet minimum system requirements for applicable game(s), with software downloaded and patched as needed
    • Provide stable network access to sites necessary for competition
    • White-list all applicable sites or programs needed to support competitive play
  • Hold at least one two-hour practice per week.

All team members must be in good standings with the Oklahoma eSports League (OeSL) and meet the minimum eligibility requirements for team participation.:

  • OeSL participation is open to high school students.
  • The high school student must join the eSports team at their participating high school.
  • Communicate with  coach at least once per week.

Add/Removing Games
Games may be added or removed during the offseason only.   In order to remove/add a game, 60% of all active teams must approve the change. 

Match Format
A schedule will be published prior to the first week of the school year.  
A match will occur at various hosting schools once per month.
Each match will allow for competition in each game.
Teams will earn points for each game win.
Point totals will carry over to determine the final four teams.