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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


  1. Anti-Cheat

    1. No additional anti-cheat is required for official matches. If cheating is suspected please contact the administration with proof.  

  2. Terms and Definitions

    1. Administration: Any OESL Staff, Click Gaming Staff, Board member or others given written or verbal permission

    2. Coach: any person registered as a coach with a program or club

    3. Game: A competition within a Series, usually consisting of one gamemode, game type, or map. Also referred to as Maps or matches.

    4. Series: A best of a number of games until a majority of the Game wins is reached, i.g. Best of 1, Best of 3, Best of 5, Best of 7, etc.

    5. LAN Event: Tournament or event where players are connected via local area network connection, or on location (physical)

    6. Online Event: Tournament or event where players are connected via online connection

    7. Participant: Any person or entity competing or participating in any element of the overall Program. This may include other defined persons, including Players and Coaches.

    8. Player: Any person who has registered for any element of the Program for the purpose of competing

    9. Team: An entity that consists of a combination of Players and a Coach for the purposes of competing in any element of the League

    10. Tournament Organizer (T.O./TO): Person or Persons representing the board to enforce rules and regulations while conducting the bracket, tournament, or league

    11. Higher Seed: A team that is on the top portion of the bracket. Not always the team with the lower number. Example: If the 16th seed beats the 1st seed. The 16th seed will be on top of the bracket and will be the higher seed in the next match up.

  3. Eligibility

    1. Coaches are required to monitor the academic progress for all eSport athletes as only students in good academic standing are allowed to participate in any match including the playoffs.

    2. If the student is not eligible to play as set forth by their school's rules for other competitive activities, then the student is not eligible to play till they satisfy the school's eligibility requirements. 

    3. Weekly grade checks must be completed   

    4. Any student athlete that is failing any course will be placed on probation for one week.  If the student is failing any course the subsequent week, then that student will be determined to be ineligible to participate in any matches.   The coach is required to monitor academic progress prior to submitting the roster prior to the match.  

  4. Title Information

    1. Supported Platforms

      1. PC

      2. Xbox One and its Variants

      3. Xbox Series X

      4. Xbox Series S

      5. Nintendo Switch

    2. Launchers:

      1. Overwatch: PC-

      2. League of Legends: PC- Riot Launcher

      3. Valorant: PC- Riot Launcher

      4. Rocket League: PC-Epic Games Launcher (Playstation, xbox, or steam login  will work with Epic Games Launcher)

      5. Super Smash Bros Ultimate- Nintendo Switch- No launcher required

      6. NBA 2k22- Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X- No launcher required

      7. Halo- PC- Xbox Store Launcher

        1. Halo- Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X

      8. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (2022)- PC-

        1. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (2022)- Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5- No Launcher Required

      9. Apex- PC- Steam

        1. Apex- Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5- No Launcher Required

      10. Madden 22- Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X

    3. Series Lengths

      1. Each title will have its own series length determined in its own rule book. Series MAY change based on time frames.

    4. Matchmaking

      1. Teams will be divided into regions for each title, and will play every opponent in that group Round Robin style.  The matches will be scheduled and played in the scheduled order. 

      2. Determining Home & Away Teams

        1. Regular Season:

          1. The winning team of a coin flip will determine the home or away team.

          2. This can be done in the battlefy chat. Go to your corresponding match on battlefy. Select your match. Confirm correct matchup. Scroll down to the battlefy chat. Type /coinflip. Winner will be the home team.

        2. Playoffs:

          1. Higher Seed is the home team.

            1. Higher Seed (2.11)


  1. Restrictions

    1. Use of other Maps or Game Modes

      1. The use of other maps or game modes are prohibited from use in official tournament matches. If the incorrect map or game mode are loaded for any game, the match must be reset with the correct lobby and game settings.  

    2. Language

      1. Students and Coaches must use appropriate language at all times including but not limited to practice time, online events, LAN events, Qualifiers, and discord servers.

      2. Students and Coaches in-game names must be appropriate and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

  2.  Stoppage of Play

    1. Game Rehosting

      1. Each team may request the game be re-hosted once per match if they’re experiencing connection issues or other issues that prevent them from playing. The re-host may be called as long as the first round of the game has not been completed or first blood has not yet occurred. In the event that a match is rehosted, the same map must be selected, as well as the same heroes/legends/agents/etc. If problems persist with regards to a player disconnecting after the server has already been re-hosted, or the rehosting requirements are unable to be met, the game will continue with the remaining players.

    2. Disconnects (Online)

      1. If a Player suffers a disconnect both teams and/or team captains are responsible for reporting that to a Tournament Official.

      2. If a player disconnects prior before 30 seconds in game or before 1st goal, kill, elimination, point is recorded, game will restart

      3. Both players have a 5 minute window to get back into the lobby and que a restart of the Game.

      4. If a player drops after 30 second window it is the player's job to load back into the lobby ASAP UNLESS it’s a game that once the lobby starts no one can join - then the game may be reset up to two times with the current score. Teams will restart the lobby in game at 0-0 but will count to the score limit or time limit. Example: Team A has 45 points, Team B has 32 Points with the score limit to 50 and a 10 minute time limit with 7:00 minutes left. Team A must score 5 points and Team B has to score 18 in 3:00 minutes.

        1. The team with the dropped player is responsible for inviting their own drop or disconnected players

      5. Game Crashes: Game crashes do not contribute to disconnects and games can be reset as many times as needed. And will follow reset rules listed in 6.2.4

        1. If a player is found to be manipulating his game to crash for any reason including but not limited to: gaining a timeout, changing momentum, or gain any type of advantage the player will be subject to any punishment deemed appropriate by administration.

      6. Should a player be unable to complete their Game due to internet issues or do not report to the Tournament Official within the courtesy window they will be considered FORFEITED. 

      7. Teams may choose to compete without a teammate if they so choose to avoid forfeit rules.

      8. If a map is reloaded up due to a crash, map error, gamemode error, or disconnects the same Heros, Legends, Champions, class based characters must be selected by the same players. 

  3. Ties

    1. If a tie occurs see rule set for individual title. 

  4. Team Rosters

    1. A minimum of one (1) coach; who is a faculty or staff member representative of the school of which is participating.

      1. Students and Coaches must be in good standing with their respective high school, Click Gaming LLC, and the Oklahoma Esports League (OESL)

    2. Teams can have as many athletes as they would like.

      1. After the last game of the season coaches must submit their starters and two (2) alternatives.

        1. Rule does not apply to Super Smash Bros

        2. Starters Numbers and Minimum to play:

          1. Rocket League: 3

          2. Valorant: 5

          3. Halo: 4

          4. Clash Royale: 5

          5. Call of Duty MW2 (2022): 4

          6. League of Legends: 5

          7. Apex Legends: 3

          8. Overwatch: 6

          9. Overwatch 2: 5

    3. How to adjust Roster:

      1. Go to OESL Discord

      2. Go to channel #school-roster

      3. Format

        1. School Name

Game Title


Gamer Tag

Gamer Tag

Gamer Tag


Game Title

Gamer Tag

Gamer Tag

  1. Programs that play a player that is not on their roster could face DQ.


  1. Multiple Title Players

    1. Players may compete in as many titles as their program and coach allows during the season.

    2. Players may only compete in two (2) titles during the state physical championship. Example: If a player makes state in 3 titles they may compete in all three up to the physical championship. The coach will make the decision on which two (2) titles they want to compete in.

  2. Substitutions

    1. Player Substitutions during a map are only allowed during emergency situations and internet outages. Players may sub in and out between maps.

    2. Players subbing between maps have 5 minutes to load in settings and get loaded into the game.

    3. Once the count down for the match to start has begun subs are not allowed.

      1. Examples: 

        1. Rocket League: Sides have been selected in game and the kick off timer has begun.

        2. Halo: Start match has been selected and the lobby begins to count down

        3. Apex: Once the host pc selects start match and the timer begins to count down

        4. Valorant: Once the map has started to load in and you can no longer see the lobby.

        5. Clash of Clans: Once the match request has been sent and accepted.

    4. If the wrong gamemode, or map is selected and loaded in and then changed once the mistake was noticed a coach may  make substitutions.

  3. Varsity & Junior Varsity (JV)

    1. Students may switch between Varsity and Junior Varsity at the discretion of their coach.

      1. Players cannot play in a varsity match and a junior varsity match in the same week. The week resets Sunday at 11:59 PM CST.

    2. Schools may only have one (1) team participating in the Varsity League per title.

    3. Schools may have only one (1) team participating in the Junior Varsity League. No more than one (1) team per title.

  4. Middle School

    1. Middle Schools currently are in the Junior Varsity League.

      1. More Titles will become available with this method. Middle School may ultimately become its own league once it grows.

    2. 8th Grader players may play on Varsity teams but cannot make up more than 50% of the roster.

      1. 6 person teams up to 3 players may be in 8th grade

5 person teams up to 2 players may be in 8th grade

4 person teams up to 2 players may be in 8th grade

3 person teams up to 1 players may be in 8th grade

2 person teams up to 1 players may be in 8th grade

  1. Scoring

    1. Each series will go towards a team’s overall record (1st Factor for determining rank)

    2. Head to Head matches [Who beat who] (2nd Factor for determining rank)

    3. Each game during a series will go towards a team’s overall map count (3rd Factor for determining rank)

    4. Strength of Schedule (4th Factor for determining rank)

    5. If necessary play in series.

  2. Post-Match Process

    1. The winning team coach is responsible for reporting results to the OESL #report channel in the OESL  Discord server.  Failure to submit scores by the end of each week will result in a forfeit.

      1. Screenshots of each game are not required, but may be beneficial to both teams in submitting scores and/or appealing reports.

  3. Playoffs

    1. Each title playoffs series, and location whether online or physical  will be determined by the OESL Board

  4. Dates:

    1. Fall Regular Season Start-September 26, 2022

    2. Fall Regular Season Ends-TBA

    3. Fall Playoffs begins- TBA

    4. Spring Regular Season Start-January 13, 2023

    5. Spring Regular Season Ends-TBA

    6. Spring Playoffs begins- TBA

  5. Communication:

    1. All correspondence between coaches, and tournament and or league officials will take place in the OESL Discord. If coaches have any questions that are not addressed here. Please send us an email at or to an Admin inside the discord

      1. Players will communicate with tournament or league officials through their coach.

    2. Coaches during matches may not talk with their players or team.

  6. Disputes: 

    1. Communicate all disputes to the TO’s in the “Disputes” channel in the OESL Discord. 

  7. Disciplinary Measures:

    1. Depending on the severity of the infraction, the Board has the right to skip steps and ban participants outright. 

    2. First offense - Participant(s) receive a written warning from Board

Second offense - Participant(s) will be banned for the next competition

Third offense - Participant(s) will be removed from the league

  1. Be respectful of other competitors and Administrators

  2. Toxicity will result in one warning till kicked from event and server

    1. Toxicity includes but not limited to: bullying, harassment, inappropriate language, cheating, disparaging remarks about sex, orientation, religion, race, etc

    2. Squatting, crouching, or sliding over opposing players character or elimination location also known as ‘Teabagging’ will be viewed as bullying and or harassment. Proof must be submitted with appropriate context. The board and current Tournament Organizer will review submitted proof.

      1. Certain situations permit consistent crouching also known as ‘Snaking’. Snaking is a legitimate tactic that would be permitted. The board and Tournament Organizer

  3. Administrators have the right to remove anyone from our discord and/or tournaments for actions on or off our servers.


  1. Rescheduling:

    1. Coaches may reschedule matches. Matches must be rescheduled in the week they are scheduled.

      1. Matches needing to be rescheduled outside the week window must have permission from the board.

    2. A conscious effort must be made to reschedule. If a team proposes multiple times and a time is not selected an admin will be presented with the communication proof to determine the forfeit. An admin may choose to change the scheduled week or choose to forfeit both teams.

    3. When rescheduling teams must confirm the date with an admin and make a post in the scheduling tab in the discord along with tagging the opposing team captain.

  2. Prizing:

    1. Players will receive Trophies and or rings

    2. If the Traveling Trophy is applicable for the title then the school will be added to the trophy.

  3. Streaming:

    1. Click Gaming ,Click Production, & Oklahoma Esports League solely owns the rights to including but not limited to Championship games, playoff games, league matches, and tournament matches.

    2. If Click Gaming ,Click Production, & Oklahoma Esports League then the High Schools participating in the match may stream the match.

    3. Schools may not use streaming matches to gain a live advantage. This includes but is not limited to: switching players while spectating to give locations of players or plays of opposing players or teams, watching opposing teams live streams to gain information or knowledge of opposing plays or player locations.

      1. Teams are allowed to watch opposing players or teams PAST recordings or videos to gain information and strategy. 

  4. Change Log:

    1. Added Language restrictions 5.2, 5.2.1 & 5.2.2- Added (5/29/2022)

    2. Added Higher Seed under Terms 2.11 (9/18/2022)

    3. Restructured Section 8 about Rosters.

    4. Added Varsity & Junior Varsity Section 8.6 (1/13/2023)

    5. Added Middle School Section 8.7 (1/13/2023)