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Clash Royale

Games will be Played Tuesday at 5:30 PM (Coaches MUST contact the opposing coach if this time will not work.  Both parties must agree upon a makeup day/time prior to close of business on the Sunday of the week at 1:00 P.M.)


Week 1- Jan19 Score
Union vs Salina  
Wagoner vs Blanchard  
Davis vs PC North  
Owasso vs Jay  
Week 2 Jan 26 Score
PC North vs Union  
Jay vs Blanchard  
Owasso vs Davis  
Salina vs Wagoner  
Week 3 Feb 2 Score
Davis vs Blanchard  
Wagoner vs Jay  
Union vs Owasso  
Salina vs PC North  


Week 4 Feb 9 Score
Owasso vs Salina  
Jay vs Davis  
PC North vs Wagoner  
Blanchard vs Union  


Week 5 Feb 16 Score
PC North vs Owasso  
Salina vs Blanchard  
Davis vs Wagoner  
Union vs Jay  
Week 6 Feb 23 Score
Blanchard vs PC North  
Davis vs Union  
Wagoner vs Owasso  
Jay vs Salina  
Week 7 March 2 Score
PC North vs Jay  
Salina vs Davis  
Union vs Wagoner  
Owasso vs Blanchard