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Super Smash Brothers

Coaches can schedule friendly matches, however, there will be two Qualifying tournaments that will take the top 16 players from each qualifying tournament.    


Second Qaulifier March 28, 2020

East Division

West Division



  • Each school may bring up to 8 athletes, but do not need to have a full 8 students to participate.  
  • Athletes that qualified in the frist qualifier MAY NOT need to participate again.  

Qualifier 1 Results:

Seed# East West
1 Union Washington Enid Joshua
2 Union Jaidyn USG Derik
3 BA Isac Enid Isaias
4 Tahlequah Chase Enid Bruce
5 Union Jimmy PCNHS Kendall
6 Union Yari PCNHS Michael
7 Owasso Elias Crescent Colin
8 Union Nathan Enid Micah
9 Union Daniel USG Elias
10 Union Shaden Davis Mateo
11 Union Andrew PC West Mason
12 Owasso Ty PCNHS James
13 Kellyville Noure USG Yamil
14 Tahlequah William USG Joshusa
15 Kellyville Jacob USG Alejandro
16 Sapulpa Ethan PCNHS Khalid


East West
Union OKC
TPS Central Putnam Patriots
TPS Met Putnam City Panthers
Broken Arrow Putnam City Pirates
TPS Webster Tyrone
Sapulpa Enid
Tahlequah Calumet
Hulbert Mcloud
Owasso Blanchard
Owasso Crescent
Kellyville Davis
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