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Due to the nature of using cutom lobbys, the matches are set for a scheduled time.  NO RESCHEDULES will be allowed.   

Games are played Tuesday at 5:30


  • Top three teams from each division will make the playoffs
  • Selection will be made based on
    • Match win/loss total
    • total games completed
    • losses
    • Number of DQs/No Shows
  • Best of 3 series for all rounds except final, Best of 5
    • Double elimination
  • Best of 3:

    • Higher seed will ban a map

    • Lower Seed will ban a map

    • Higher Seed will choose map

    • Lower Seed will choose a map

    • Remaining map will be map 3.

  • Best of 5:

    • Higher Seed will choose map

    • Lower Seed will choose a map

    • Higher Seed will choose a map

    • Lower Seed will choose a map

    • Remaining map will be map 5.

  • Maps:

    • Party Crasher

    • Phase Runner

    • Overflow

    • Encore

    • Habitat 4

Tournament Rules
•    Teams will load into the assigned lobby player token. 
•    Round is defined as the start of the buy period and the elimination of one team.
•    Map is defined as each time teams load in and play a best of 5 rounds. 
•    Series is defined as a number of maps played in succession. Example: best of 1, best of 3, best of 5, best of 7…
•    Teams will play a best of 3 maps. Grandfinals Best of 5. Series subject to change based on OESL board and time frame.
•    If a Player suffers a disconnect, both teams are responsible for reporting it to a Tournament Official.
•    If a player disconnects prior before 30 seconds in game or before 1st goal, kill, point is recorded, game will restart
•    Both players have a 5 minute window to get back into the lobby and que a restart of the game.
•    If a player drops after a 30 second window, it is the players job to load back into the lobby asap unless it’s a game that once lobby starts no one can join - then the game may be reset up to two times with the current score, time, etc In place of left off from restart.
•    Should a player be unable to complete their game due to internet issues or do not report to the TO within the courtesy window they will be DQed


For Directions on how to load into a lobby, please see document and read pages 1-6