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Due to the nature of using cutom lobbys, the matches are set for a scheduled time.  NO RESCHEDULES will be allowed.   

Games are played Tuesday at 5:30

Apex Legends


  1. Anti-Cheat

  1. No additional anti-cheat is required for official matches. If cheating is suspected please contact the administration with proof.  
  1. Title Information

  1. Supported Platforms

  1. PC

  2. Xbox One
  3. Xbox Series X
  4. PlayStation 4
  5. PlayStation 5
  1. Playoff Launcher:

  1. Steam
  1. Series Lengths

  1. Regular Season
  1. Best of 3
  1. Playoffs
  1. Best of3
  2. Upper bracket: semi finals, finals
  1. Best of 5
  1. Lower bracket:Semi final, final
  1. Best of 5
  1. Grand Finals
  1. Best of 5
  1. Game Inputs Allowed
  1. Keyboard and Mouse
  2. Controller
  1. Including but not limited to Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Elite, Scuff, BattleBeaver, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Playstation 5
  1. Matchmaking

  1. Teams will be divided into regions, and will play every opponent in that group Round Robin style.  The matches will be scheduled and played in the scheduled order.
  1. Restrictions

  1. Use of other Maps or Game Modes

  1. The use of other maps or game modes are prohibited from use in official tournament matches. If the incorrect map or game mode are loaded for any game, the match must be reset with the correct lobby and game settings.  
  2. Maps:
  1. Maps will match the current public Arena map rotation
  1. Current Maps:
  1. Party Crasher
  2. Phase Runner
  3. Overflow
  4. Encore
  5. Habitat 4
  1. Determining Higher Seed
  1. Regular Season:
  1. The winning team of a coin flip will determine the home or away team.
  2. This can be done in the battlefy chat. Go to your corresponding match on battlefy. Select your match. Confirm correct matchup. Scroll down to the battlefy chat. Type /coinflip. Winner will be the home team.
  1. Playoffs:
  1. Higher Seed is the home team.
  1. Higher Seed (2.11)
  1. Best of 3 Series
  1. Higher Seed will ban a map

Lower Seed will ban a map

Higher Seed will choose a map

Lower Seed will choose a map

Higher Seed will choose a map

  1. Best of 5 Series
  1. Higher Seed will choose a map

Lower Seed will choose a map

Higher Seed will choose a map

Lower Seed will choose a map

Higher Seed will choose a map

  1. Customization
  1. No current restrictions for Customization.
  1. In-Game Lobby Settings
  1. Game Mode Arena
  1. Team Size: 3v3
  1.  Stoppage of Play

  1. Game Rehosting

  1. Rehost is not available as a neutral host is required.
  1. Disconnects (Online)

  1. If a Player suffers a disconnect both teams and/or team captains are responsible for reporting that to a Tournament Official.
  2. If a player disconnects prior before 30 seconds in game or before 1st goal, kill, elimination, point is recorded, game will restart
  3. Both players have a 5 minute window to get back into the lobby and que a restart of the Game.
  4. If a player drops after 30 second window it is the player's job to load back into the lobby ASAP UNLESS it’s a game that once the lobby starts no one can join - then the game may be reset up to two times with the current score. Teams will restart the lobby in game at 0-0 but will count to the score limit or time limit. Example: Team A has 45 points, Team B has 32 Points with the score limit to 50 and a 10 minute time limit with 7:00 minutes left. Team A must score 5 points and Team B has to score 18 in 3:00 minutes.
  1. The team with the dropped player is responsible for inviting their own drop or disconnected players
  1. Game Crashes: Game crashes do not contribute to disconnects and games can be reset as many times as needed. And will follow reset rules listed in 6.2.4
  1. If a player is found to be manipulating his game to crash for any reason including but not limited to: gaining a timeout, changing momentum, or gain any type of advantage the player will be subject to any punishment deemed appropriate by administration.
  1. Should a player be unable to complete their Game due to internet issues or do not report to the Tournament Official within the courtesy window they will be considered FORFEITED.
  2. Teams may choose to compete without a teammate if they so choose to avoid forfeit rules.
  1. Ties

  1. Overtime:
  1. Rules will follow Apex Legends in game overtime rules.
  1. Team Rosters

  1. See Code of Conduct OESL Section 8
  1. Post-Match Process

  1. The winning team coach is responsible for reporting results to the OESL #report channel in the OESL  Discord server.  Failure to submit scores by the end of each week will result in a forfeit.
  1. Screenshots of each game are not required, but may be beneficial to both teams in submitting scores and/or appealing reports.


  1. Rescheduling:

  1. See Code of Conduct OESL Section 16
  1. Change Log: