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NBA 22

Games will be played Mondays at 4:30


  • Top three teams from each division will make the playoffs
  • Top seed from each division will receive a bye for the first round
  • Selection will be made off Match win/loss total

In Game Rules:

  • Game Length: 5 Minute Quarters
  • Skill Level: Hall of Fame
  • Injuries & Fatigue: Off
  • Only current NBA teams are allowed (Retro, Fantasy and/or All-Star Teams are prohibited)
  • Uniforms must use Association, Icon, or Statement Jerseys. If the same team is selected Must use Association for Home and Icon for Away. No Further jersey alterations allowed. (Pointing being Team should not use same color jerseys to confuse the other.)
  • Higher Seed hosts, Lower seed chooses home or away.
  • Must use stadium of the home team.
  • Manual Substitutions via START button are prohibited
  • Substitutions are only allowed in-game via D-Pad and during called Time-Outs
  • Starting rosters must be adjusted before going into the game

How to Invite to Lobby:
1: Play Now
2: Add Opponent as Friend
3:Scroll to the right and select play with Friends online
4: Invite Opponent
5: Advance
6:Game Mode Private Match
7: Set Game rules from Above