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Game Times:  Thursday at 4:30


  • Top three teams from each division will make the playoffs
  • Top seed from each division will receive a bye for the first round
  • Selection will be made off Match win/loss total


Halo Ruleset

  • Be respectful of other competitors and Administrators

  • Toxicity will result in one warning till kicked from event and server

    • Toxicity includes but not limited to: bullying, inappropriate language, cheating, disparaging remarks about sex, orientation, religion, race, etc

  • Administrators have the right to remove anyone from our discord or tournaments for actions on or off our servers.


Eligible Teams and Players

  • Participating schools must complete an application and register on the OESL portal through UGC

  • Players must be currently enrolled in a 9-12 school in Oklahoma.  

  • Players must beeligible to compete and passing all classes.


Competitive Eligibility:  

  • Team’s rosters must have a minimum of 4 players and a coach 


Halo Infinite:


General & Game Settings:

  • Competition Method: 4v4 

  • Game Modes:

    • Ranked Slayer: Live Fire, Recharge, Streets, Bazaar, Aquarius

    • Ranked Capture the Flag (CTF): Bazaar, Aquarius

    • Ranked Stronghold: Live Fire, Recharge, Streets

    • Ranked Oddball: Live Fire, Recharge, Streets

  • How to Set up Game:

    • High Seed (Team Tagged first) chooses Team A or Team B.

      • Team A:

        • Hosts maps: 1,3, & 5

        • Picks Maps: 2 & 4

        • Picks Cobra or Eagles: 1, 3, & 5

      • Team B:

        • Hosts maps: 2 & 4

        • Picks Maps: 1,3, & 5

        • Picks Cobra or Eagles: 2 & 4

      • Series Game Mode Order:

        • Arena Stronghold

        • Arena Slayer

        • Arena Capture the Flag (CTF)

        • Arena Oddball

        • Arena Slayer

    • Team hosting invites other team.

      • No Observers are allowed except Admin, or explicitly stated by Admin to allow.

    • Teams will play and swap hosts between games until the series is completed.

    • Winning Team will take a screenshot of each map completed and report the score to the UGC portal

    • Teams will also screenshot each game’s players Eliminations, Deaths, & Assists


  • Competition Method: Free-For-All 

  • Game Modes:

    • Ranked: FFA Slayer

  • How to Set up Game:

    • Maps Alternate per series- Live Fire, Aquarius

    • Hosting:

      • Highest Seed hosts and invites other players

        • If a majority of the players in a heat have issues with the host the second seed may host. Admin can make the executive decision to issue a host change.

        • If a majority of players request a neutral host. An available neutral host can be chosen if an admin allows it. (Neutral Host will be an observer)

      • No Observers are allowed except Admin, or explicitly stated by Admin to allow.

    • Scoring:

      • 6-8 players per heat. Top 4 players advance.  

        • If Double Elimination players 5-8 will be placed in bottom heats.


  • If a Player suffers a disconnect both players are responsible for reporting that to a Tournament Official.

  • If a player disconnects prior before 30 seconds in game or before 1st goal,kill,point is recorded, game will restart

  • Both players have a 5 minute window to get back into the lobby and que a restart of the Game.

  • If a player drops after 30 second window it is the players job to load back into the lobby ASAP UNLESS it’s a game that once lobby starts no one can join - then game may be reset up to two times with the current score, time, etc In place of left off from restart.

  • Should a player be unable to complete their Game due to internet issues or do not report to the Tournament Official within the courtesy window they will be considered FORFEITED.



  • Series will be scheduled each week.

    • Series or matches cannot be played before the week they are scheduled

    • Playoff seeding will be determined by the number of participants.   


  • Team captains or Coaches may reschedule matches. Matches must be rescheduled in the week they are scheduled.

  • A conscious effort must be made to reschedule. If a team proposes multiple times and a time is not selected an admin will be presented with the communication proof to determine the forfeit. An admin may choose to change the scheduled week or choose to forfeit both teams.

  • When rescheduling, teams must confirm the date with an admin and make a post in the scheduling tab in the discord along with tagging the opposing team captain.


Check In Instructions

  • Any teams not checked in will not be seeded

  • For some tournaments, we have set a team limit. You may still sign-up if that limit is reached, but you will be placed on a wait list. If a team does not show, we add teams to the bracket by order in which they registered. 


Other Rules

  • Should a player be unable to complete their game due to internet issues or do not report to the TO within the courtesy window they will be DQed

  • Disputes

    • Communicate all disputes to the TOs. 

  • Disciplinary Measures -  Depending on the severity of the infraction, the Board has the right to skip steps and ban participants outright. 

    • First offense - Participant(s) receive a written warning from Board

    • Second offense - Participant(s) will be banned for the next competition

    • Third offense - Participant(s) will be removed from the league