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Tournament Rules

The following rules are for face-to-face tournament events:

Local Machine Rights

  1. Students will have local admin rights to install drivers
  2. Any software, that is not just a driver, to be installed must be submitted to discord channel or email directly to OESL commissioner at least 5 days prior to the event.  
  3. No software that creates macros, routines, or automations will be allowed.  

Warm-Up Time

  1. All teams will be given 15 minutes from the time they are called to the start of the match.  
  2. The 15 minute warm-up time will include any time needed to warm up, install drivers, connect headphones, configure mice, etc…


  1. Any issues at a playoff event should immediately be brought to the attention of the TO or the OESL commissioner.  Please, do no wait till after a match to lodge a complaint if it feasible to do prior to the conclusion of the match. 


  1. Cursing will not be tolerated and will result in a warning and a repeated offense will ban the athlete from further competition.
  2. Sportmanship is paramount in High School esports.   There will be no tolerance for trash talking, troling, making fun of, or trying to provoke or belittle the opponent.  


  1. Coaches may assist students during a playoff match. Coaches may communicate with athletes but cannot share any information that their players would not know from game play. Coaches will be allowed to connect to the game chat through a headset.  Coaches must bring a headset with a 3.5mm jack in order to be able to communicate with their players.  

  2. Coaches (or a school employee designee) need to be available during playoff matches.  If a coach is unavailable during match time their game may result in a Forfeit loss. 

  3. Coaches must continually monitor the OESL Discord channel for next competitors and match updates