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Rules & Title Information

Overall League Rules

School Participation Requirements

All schools must meet the following requirements in order to participate in the Oklahoma eSports League (OESL):

  • Oklahoma schools serving 6th-12th grade students that are recognized by the Oklahoma State Board of Education.

  • Teams must have sponsorship from an employee of the district acting as a Coach and a school level administrator supporting the program.

  • Teams must ensure all team members have read and agree to the  Code of Conduct.

  • If a school wishes to host matches, then the school must agree to these terms: 

    • Ensure all computers have been reloaded prior to the match and all software and games have been updated. 

    • Ensure all console games have been updated at least 24 hours prior to the match. 

    • Provide accessible computers that meet minimum system requirements for applicable game(s), with software downloaded and patched as needed

    • Provide stable network access to sites necessary for competition

    • White-list all applicable sites or programs needed to support competitive play

  • Hold at least two-hours of practice per week.

All team members must be in good standings with the Oklahoma eSports League (OESL) and meet the minimum eligibility requirements for team participation.:

  • OESL participation is open to any 6th to 12th grade students.

  • The student  must join the esports team at their participating high school.

  • Communicate with  coach at least once per week.

Which League are you interested in?

Champion League

Top Ranked Competitive league

  • Swiss Format

  • Minimum Reschedules

  • In-Person Championship

Challenger League

Developmental League

  • Free to Play

  • Great for New Coaches & Players

  • Mix of High School and Middle School

Contender League

Middle School Competitive League

  • Free to Play

  • Middle School Exclusive

  • Online Gameplay

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